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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some replies to your anticipated questions:


Are the posters that we sell original?


Yes. We only sell original material. These are the same posters that were sent out to cinemas and movie theatres for the purpose of advertising the film. We have been collectors of film posters for 30 years and the majority of our stock was obtained direct from old cinemas that had retained the posters following the film?s showing.


Do we buy posters?


Yes we do. We are constantly acquiring new posters with which to update our stock. If you have individual posters of note or larger holdings for disposal, please get in touch and we will be very happy to discuss this without obligation.


Do we have any posters other than vintage film posters?


We carry a small stock of posters in other fields, including British theatre, ballet, opera and general advertising. We have a small number of very fine posters by Japanese designers and several other outstanding modern posters, many of which were featured in the Graphis Poster Annuals.


What is our returns policy?


We strive to give the fullest possible details of a poster's condition and we are confident that the information provided is accurate. However, if a poster is found to be not as described we will accept its return within 14 days and will give a full refund (excluding postage charges). The return carriage of the poster is the buyer's responsibility and is at the buyer's risk.


Do we accept payment in currencies other than British pounds?


All of our prices are in British pounds. However, if making payment by credit card through PAYPAL the amount paid will be converted and debited to your credit card account according to the prevailing exchange rate between GBP and your own currency.


What is the difference between a re-release poster and a reprint?


The films distributors might sometimes release a film again. There are a number of reasons for this. A popular star, such as Bogart or Monroe, may have made films earlier in their career which are re-released to cash in on the stars newly found fame. Similarly, a film that did very well at the box-office may merit a 2nd or 3rd release when it can play to a new generation of movie goers or to a returning audience that saw it the first time around. In some cases the movie might be repackaged and retitled by the studio or by another company that has purchased the rights to the film. There will usually be a whole new advertising campaign, with new posters that are often superior and might feature more desirable artwork giving greater prominence to a particular actor or actress. Following the advent of television, video and DVD it has become increasingly less common for films to be re-released to mainstream cinema. Re-release posters will usually have a lesser value than the first release poster but there are some notable exceptions to this. Re-release posters are true originals and eminently collectable


A reprint of a poster, on the other hand, is not usually intended for display at a movie theatre. For the most part, they are produced for commercial purposes and are designed for sale to the general public. They can usually be distinguished by the copyright or printers information contained on them, the type of paper used, size, and other factors. These are not 'originals' and are not collectible - or ever likely to be. The collector should beware, too, of pirated reprints that attempt to pass themselves off as original vintage movie posters. The experienced collector will acquire a 'feel' for these and will be able to spot an impostor almost immediately. The novice collector, though, would be wise to buy only from trusted and reputable dealers.


The vast majority of the posters we sell are for the films first release. If the poster is for a re-release, we indicate this in the title and description and, where known, will give the date of re-release. We do not deal in reprints of any kind.

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